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Manicures are great for any number of reasons. Whether your hands are on show all day for your work, you simply want to show off your lovely nails for a big event, or you just love having handsome hands, there’s a manicure for you. Our fully trained therapists will lovingly treat your hands and fingernails with our specialised equipment so they look and feel softer than ever. Your nails will then be shaped, any rough edges will be gently filed away, and they’ll be treated with a nourishing base coat. Last but not least, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one of our many nail polishes and have your nails coated in a chic, glossy colour of your choice.


Most people don’t have their toes on show on a daily basis which is one of the reasons we should indulge ourselves with a pedicure now and again. Similar to manicures, pedicures involve having your nails expertly shaped and then glossed with a shade of nail polish of your choosing. You’ll also have your feet lovingly soaked in a nourishing bath which will soften any hard skin and gently revitalize your feet. Having a pedicure is an incredibly calming and enjoyable experience that helps to soothe your mind as well as make your feet look gorgeous. You’ll walk away feeling pampered, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

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